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Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Before I started working as a research assistant in March 2017 I worked part-time as a software developer (iOS) and Mac administrator for the faculty of computer science as a student. In 2013 I completed my internship semester at DATEV doing software development for .NET.

In 2014 I successfully participated in the NXP Cup with three colleagues from university and we won the qualification race. My interest in autonomous driving and the automotive industry is growing ever since. I will also assist in a training course "Development of an autonomous model car" later this year.

With broad support from my professor, I applied for a Ph.D. program in cooperation with the FAU and got the job. In my work as a research assistant I try to improve IT-security for highly automated, autonomous and connected driving on a software engineer's and system modeller's level.

To protect drivers in a highly automated and connected world, the development of safe and secure road vehicles is getting more important than ever before. AUTOSAR and the EAST-ADL provide a common base model of automotive software architectures to ensure standardized and reusable concepts for automotive software development.

The goal is to extend the EAST-ADL with security components analogue to existing safety components and safety goals (according to ISO 26262) for modeling safe and secure vehicles for highly automated, autonomous and connected driving and preventing malicious attacks. By transferring the broadest possible basic structure to the security description, we also promise a practical and broad usability. This vision also provides further impulses for the progression of the Adaptive AUTOSAR platform.


Back in 2014, I developed an iOS app called "KZ:SF Stats" to track game statistics from the Playstation 4 title "Killzone Shadow Fall" and distributed it over the iOS App Store. Since Killzone became more an more unpopular I discontinued the app and pulled it from the App Store in 2017.


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